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Rhino, Solidworks, solidworks composer, Keyshot, blender 3D, hand sketches, 3D printing and modeling, Arduino, ableton live, Autodesk sketchbook, Microsoft office, carpentry, adobe: photoshop, illustrator, in-design, premier, xd.

My name is Itai Moskovitz, I am 32 years old, and I graduated a  B.des with distinction from the Industrial Design Department at Bezalel Academy.

I see myself person of uncompromised dedication and high work ethic. I will not stop until I feel that the task has been completed in the most adequate and appropriate way.

To my mind, the design process should include a strong emphasis on the way in which the object communicates its essence aesthetically and coherently, alongside an in-depth study, all the while with awareness and connection to all of the parts of the design and development processes. 

As an industrial designer, I use both sides of my brain. One of the brain lobes is responsible for the abstract expression of thoughts, shapes, and movements. The other lobe is responsible for translating abstract ideas into tangible objects by breaking them down to tasks executed in an orderly and consistent manner.
I like the urban environment as well as nature, and I think that
with the right dosage of both, they can complete each other.

Moreover, one of the qualities required for industrial designers is the ability to be versatile. As a designer, I am not an expert in one single, specific field but rather a sort of ‘learning machine’ that keeps on accumulating knowledge about every topic that may be essential for my development and creation process.

I like to engage with craft and work with my hands, alongside doing
practical work such as developing mechanisms, using electronics, and thinking about use scenarios and the user experience of the product. For me, the worlds of creating, both artistic and practical, complement each other to produce a holistically complete creative experience.

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