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Sporty oil bottle

The primary purpose of this project is styling. The inspiration for the design has been drawn from the DUCATI Panigale motorcycle. The project essentially intends to design a product based on an existing brand with a coherent design language.

The first stage involved studying the shape of the product. While observing and sketching the Panigale motorcycle, I felt inspired and gained a deeper understanding of the bike’s visual characteristics. The next step was to decide what kind of product I would like to design. I decided on a motorcycle care pack made of three products - an oil bottle, a cleansing brush and a wax box. Having made this decision, I began sketching the products while imitating the motorcycle’s characteristics.  

After completing the final designs, I turned to 3D modelling (Rhino) -the 3D models were printed in 3D printer and then processed by hand to produce a final
expressive models.

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