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A system for monitoring and calculation of the human body's indices. The output of the system is a 3D printed meal, based on the user's changing Body composition.

finel shoe 2_edited.png

1 | The Shoes

The role of the shoes in the system is to monitor the user's indices throughout the day. For this task, a BIA (Bioelectrical impedance analysis) system is installed inside the soles of the shoes. The technology indicates the following: fat and water percentage, BMI, bone density, and muscle mass.

Main parts

Top cover 

Scotch closed stabilizing the foot in the shoe


Contains two aluminum surfaces on its top and 2 electric current flow transformators on the bottom. The Insole's role is to receive the electric single from the user’s foot and transfer it to the BIA bodies.

2 BIA bodies

Intended to receive the electric single from the foot and convert it to data. Additionally, it functions as a bodyweight scale. The bodies are valid in both shoes and communicate Trough Bluetooth.

Bluetooth transmitter

Located inside the sole, the device transmits the data to the app. This component is responsible for the communication between both shoes.

fly walk eat hero_2.png

2 | The App 

The role of the App is to get the BIA data from the shoes and convert it to a body composition image. Based on the image, the app initiates food dishes and meals suitable to the user’s bodily indices, such as lack of nutrients. The user can choose the best dish for them, from the APP’s menu. Then, the app guides the user to the closest food printer in their location.

3 | Food Printer 

The printers will be spread around several main locations in the city and will operate based on the concept of a vending machine.

1. The user will stand on the identification surface
2. The printer will recognize the user by his shoes
3. The meal data from the app will be converted to a 3d printed dish

The printer contains basic food filaments: nutrients, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and spices, those filaments will allow a variety of dishes to be 3D printed.

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