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FUSE is based on multiple earlier functioning prototypes. These prototypes constituted an essential step in the development of the product. The stage of prototype production included searches for more intuitive gestures and ways of communication with the 2D synthesizers embedded in the DAWs

(Digital Audio Workstations) 

Therawheel | Prototype 0.1

This prototype is a closure of the earlier prototypes that came before. It contains three potentiometers controlling three parameters in the DAW's synthesizer.


Usually, these three potentiometers are used as 2D

MIDI controller (control panels) knobs. However, I employ them in a different way, as pivots, which allow the user to control and manipulate sound waves in three dimensions simultaneously.

TheraWheel - prototype 0.1

Those 3 potentiometers that are usually

used as 2d MIDI controller knobs (control panels), are serving me as pivots, allowing the user to control and manipulate sound waves in 3 dimensions simultaneously.

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